Welcome to my website.

This website has been designed to offer you information about who I am, where I’ve lived and traveled, research I’ve been involved with and conducted, and what my goals are for the future.  If you have any questions about anything you see within this site, please do not hesitate to drop me an e-mail.  Happy surfing!

My Laboratory for Spatial and Sustainability Sciences is actively investigating interactions between natural and social systems for sustainable development, environmental planning, and natural resources management purposes.  Specifically, we have focused on land-water interactions in temperate latitudes, and sustainable development across spatial and temporal scales.  My future theoretical research crosses evolutionary theory, spatial and sustainability sciences.  My geographic interests are currently the Upper Mississippi and Great Lakes Watersheds, waterways of the Adirondack Park, Toronto, Europe with a special focus on Romania and the Republic of Moldova, and global system.

A note on the design of this website.  Although it may be harder to read at times, by having a black background less light is needed to display information and thus less energy is expended.  Simple changes in behavior and collective adaptation go a long way!  Check out “Blackle” for a search engine/home page industry version of this concept.

Location of Ryerson University.

Department of Geography & Environmental Studies

Jorgenson Hall

Ryerson University

Toronto, Ontario, Canada